Thursday, May 22, 2008

Newspaper Featuring Our Painting & Gift Shop

The Country Life to be featured on PBS

By Monica Dufour
INDEX Staff Writer

DAVISON — For six years, The Country Life, 206 N. Main St., in downtown Davison, has offered unique gifts, including a full line of paintings by owner and artist Gail Eads.

Recently Eads and the store were filmed for an episode of the PBS program Michigan Magazine. It’s scheduled to air May 31.

She’s thrilled with the recognition.

At the age of 12, Eads fell in love with painting. “I was in art class, and my teacher said she really liked what I did,” she said.

Eads decided to try selling her art about 11 years ago from home, under the name of The Country Life. Once she found that people were interested in buying her art, she and her husband Mitch moved her business from her home to a storefront location in Genesee in 1995.

In 2001, the couple moved to Davison to a location off Mill Street. They were there for about six months before moving to their current spot.

Gail enjoys painting on just about anything. “I’ve painted designs on windows, shutters, tables, and even ice skates,” she said.

She’s had customers from all over Michigan and other states seek her out for her hand-painted creations.

Over the years she’s had many customers ask her how to paint similar creations. “I didn’t consider myself a teacher, so I decided I would work on an instructional book so that they could learn to teach themselves,” she said.

Eads said after completing her book, she realized that she had the patience and knack to teach face-to-face.

“They’re always thrilled after they’ve completed a project. I enjoy watching my students leave with their piece,” she said. “I had one lady call me a ‘miracle worker.’ “

The artist said she finds it gratifying to see her creations in circulation and know that her detailed instructions helped someone create their own piece of artwork. She’s working on her sixth book
Currently she has pieces of her work in a variety of catalogues including “Penny Lane,” “Tender Heart,” and “Country House.”

“I think it’s exciting,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to paint.”

Eads said God has played a significant role in her gift. “I want to give God thanks for directing my life and talent in such a way. It’s been a rewarding experience,” she said.

Having an encouraging husband has been helpful as well. “He’s been very supportive of me,” Eads said.

The artist said she’s glad that her business is located in Davison. “Everyone here is very friendly, and we like being able to help to promote downtown,” she said.

For more information about Eads or her store, call 810-658-8388. Gifts, prints and instructional books may be purchased online by visiting

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Hi Is the show available anywhere online to view? Btw great blog, enjoying reading it :)

Sandra said...

Wow outstanding...Congrats , on the show...and all your accomplishments, Jan told me to come read about you, we have talked on P & R...but I had no idea what you did. I so proud of you.
Nice going Gail. What a blessing.
Hugs Sandra