Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Over the years, I've written a few poems, although I have never considered myself to be a poet, I enjoy coming up with rhymes. Sometimes they come easy but other times, it takes a while to write a poem.
At one can submit their poems and have a chance to win money on there for a good poem.
My poem "Heaven" has been entered in a $10,000.00 drawing. We will see! My chances are not great, but maybe it will get some recognition.
The poem goes as follows:
Called great and holy city
Descending out of heaven from God.
Her light like unto a precious stone,
The grasses like fields of sod.
Like jasper, clear as crystal.
A wall standing great and tall.
Twelve angels are at twelve gates.
Written thereon are the Twelve tribes of Israel.
The wall of the city has twelve foundations.
In them the apostles and those saved, from the nations.
The city is four square, length as long as the breadth.
The measurement twelve thousand furlongs.
A place where there is no death.
The city is pure gold, like unto clear glass.
Twelve pearls are the twelve gates.
Every several gate is of one pearl.
When the trumpet sounds, few hesitate.
©Gail Eads

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